beautiful mistake.

We’ve all made mistakes right? I’m sure of it. Almost 100% that we have. And there are mistakes we wish we never made, and mistakes that are mistakes but you don’t feel any type of way.. you could have lived with it or without those mistakes. But, what about those BEAUTIFUL mistakes? What? What do I mean? You know.. those “mistakes” that if you never made them your life wouldn’t be the same. You would always be wondering “What if this; what if that?” You know? Even though it’s beautiful, it’s still a mistake.

I’ll start off with my mistake. We’ll call him… Jaime. HI-May. Anyways. Let’s talk about how I even met this guy. We lived in a small town and there was a lot of us teenagers that were hanging around together almost everynight. I Had these friends we will call them… Malina, Paula, and alex. Well, they were like my closest friends in this town and Malina and Jaime were pretending to date well we made eye contact and it all went down from there. To be continued…


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