Beautiful mistake pt. 2

Let me explain why Jaime and Malina were pretending to date. I don’t want anyone here to think I am a backstabbing friend who stole a boyfriend no. They were pretending to date so Malina could get other guys off her back. SO with that being said let me continue. Jaime looked at me, then at Paula and said “Hey, you guys want to go hangout at my place with me and my brother?” His brothers name… We’ll call him Ronnie. Anyways, so me and paula went back to their house to hang out. Then we started playing truth or dare. SO cliche I know don’t remind me. Anyways, of course Paula got dared to Kiss Ronnie and I got dared to kiss Jaime. So I did. It was the most passionate kiss I have ever had at this point from any guy. All I can think is “what a HUNK.”



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