Why boys aren’t men.

I am constantly seeing on facebook the disrespect of boys shaming girls. ALL OVER THE PLACE. it’s getting out of hand. Let me just start out by saying this, no boys aren’t the only ones, but they are most commonly sharing their views on us women, constantly complaining that we are liars, fakes, oh and my favorite! BITCHES AND HOES. Then guess what? They turn around and complain that they aren’t in a relationship and all they want is love this that and the other. Let me bust your bubble; you’re single because you don’t have respect and you aren’t a man. If you want to shame anyone, shame yourself. Shame on you for thinking it’s okay to be referring to women as bitches and hoes. It’s not okay! Let me put it into a bigger picture for you, I’m almost positive most men have female figures of some sort in their lives whether it be their mom, a grandma, a sister, a aunt, etc there is someone there for you as a female figure. When you refer to the women population as “Bitches & hoes” you’re also speaking about your families, too. Is that okay? No. I’m sure you act like this because you have gotten hurt in the past and I am so sorry you did, but that is between you and the person that hurt you. I am by no means saying all women are saints because we aren’t.

What I am saying is you cant act like a fool. Boys go around thinking its cool. What kind of example are you setting by doing this?  Would you allow your future child to refer to their mother as a bitch or hoe? Would you refer to your mother as a bitch or hoe? I’m thinking probably not. If you do this, you have a lot of growing up to do. There is no reason why you can’t use a womans first name to address them. What happened to saying “I’m going to the movies with my girlfriend.” Now I hear, “Me and my bitch are going to the movies.” What the hell people?

LADIES, shame on you for letting boys refer to you as this! LETTING them is just as bad. Where the hell is your SELF-respect? I certainly cannot see it. Also ladies, whatever reason they have this preception that you’re a liar, a fake or what have you correct them. Be who you are and make it known who you are! Don’t waltz around acting like it’s okay to be called these names. YOU’RE NOT A PIECE OF MEAT.

I am by no means referring to women as saints and perfect because I know that there are bad apples out there and that they are probably the same! It’s not okay to shame anybody. I am not saying that every single guy out there is like this, but the guys that aren’t like this are MEN. They know respect. Boys learn from that. You have a lot to learn.


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