Someone please tell me.

What is going on with humanity? I am getting so disappointed lately. There is so much that is wrong today. Racism is everywhere, so much violence and absolutely no compassion. The world is changing, I have been distracting myself by focusing harder trying to avoid social media and writing out my feelings more.

So tell me, has there been something that you have been avoiding relating to this? I hate seeing it. But, I guess we can’t avoid the inevitable forever.


One thought on “Someone please tell me.

  1. I hear what you’re saying…it can be so demoralizing if you are inundated by all that is wrong in the world…that’s why its is important to balance it with all that is amazing and wonderful about human beings…we are capable of such good and compassion and love….I try not to let myself be over-exposed to one-sided, sensationalistic news. I know it is hard having a soft heart….hang in there 🙂

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