June 3, 2012

I have a story to share with everyone about me and my current boyfriend, Vince. This is a true story. A couple years I wrote a paper about it for school.

May 24, 2012 was the night of my high school graduation and the night that everything would change, as it would for most people. It was probably one of the most accomplished nights of my life seeing as though I struggled through my whole high school and middle school career. I was so happy to be spending that night with my class of 87 peers as well as my family and boyfriend, who was in my graduating class as well. Graduation night was definitely a night to remember with all the games, celebrations, laughter and fun times that I was able to share with so many different people. Going to school in a small town makes it easy to enjoy the times you have with such a close class because of how small we are and I wouldn’t trade attending there for anything.

As most parents do, mine threw a graduation party here in town on June 2, 2012 for all my family and friends to be able to celebrate such a great accomplishment. There weren’t many people from the small town that would drive all the way down to my hometown for a party except for my boyfriend Vine. He drove the forty-five minute drive to come celebrate for both of us! There was great food, dancing, gifts, and laughter that I won’t forget. As the party came to an end at about midnight, it was time to say goodbye to everyone at the party including my boyfriend, Vince. He would now venture back on that forty-five minute drive home

Right before Vince left he told me that his phone was going to die and that he would call me as soon as he got home. On his drive home I decided that I’d call him to make sure he was making good progress, and he was. He finally reached his destination and decided he was going to go pick up his two little brothers, Chuck  who was thirteen and Louie who was eleven, from another graduation party. He got to his destination and had texted me telling me that he was going to have a few friends stay the night. They made their way back to Vince’s house with Chuck and Vince in one car, and Louie and Vince’s friends in another. It was about two in the morning and I was texting Vince to make sure that he was okay and got home safely, but got no response. I assumed that his phone had died and that I should just go to bed and I’ll have a text for me in the morning.

The next morning it was about ten a.m. and my dad came in to make sure I was awake. Immediately I went to check my phone to read the text that I was so anxiously waiting for the night before. I pressed my lock button and saw 20 different texts from different people, but not a single one from Vince. I looked at my dad and immediately I said “Something isn’t right.” I explained why to my dad and he told me not to assume and to check a text message from another person.

I opened a text from a good friend and it read “Is it true?” Confused to what she was talking about I proceeded to open another text message from another good friend that said“Are you going?” Still confused I decided I’d call her to find out where I should be “going”. She answered the phone and I said “What’s going on?”

She said “Vince and Chuck have been in an accident.”

I said “This is a joke right? Is Vince okay?”

She replied “Vince is okay. Chuck isn’t.”

I asked her “What happened with Chuck?”

Her response was shocking as she said “He didn’t make it.”

My whole world seemed to be crashing down around me as I hung up from that conversation. Going from just a great couple days to horrible one in a blink of an eye was devastating. I proceeded to find out which hospital Vince was in so I could make the drive and see him and be there for him. Finding out that he was in Phoenix at the Maricopa Medical Center my dad hooked up a GPS and I was off to meet a few friends to carpool to go to Phoenix. After about an hour and a half drive we made it safe and sound.

We walked up to Vince’s hospital room and I immediately went over and hugged him. I never thought in a million years that I would be visiting my boyfriend in the hospital. I never imagined that he would lose his brother so sudden and tragically. That’s the thing, we go through life thinking we are invincible and nothing can ever happen to us. Not realizing that the world is a huge place and anything can happen

From this accident my boyfriend and I are forever changed. I’ve walked away with really appreciating what life gives you and not taking anything for granted. Vince has walked away with knowing to cherish his loved ones more than ever. He has become stronger than he’s ever been mentally and physically. He now shares closeness with his family he didn’t have before. I live by a saying and truly think it is true; “Everything happens for a reason”. Even if that reason is unknown, there has to be one and it will be found out one day.

Now each day that passes by I look at everything in a different way. Nothing is the same for either of us. We take everything in the palm of our hands and hold it as gracefully as we can, not letting anything slip away. Each moment is a precious one and deserves to be treated as such. Vince doesn’t let his family stray too far from his side. I also keep my family and friends close to me. Live each day as your last and never let a moment go away without treasuring it.


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